Tachographs & Speed Limiters

Measuring up to the most stringent standards

As a ministry of transport approved tachograph/RSL centre, it is our aim to ensure we deliver a professional and reliable service to our customers ensuring that their vehicles fully comply with the latest legislation. Our Tachograph bay is equipped with the latest state of the art technology accompanied by our team of skilled and experienced technicians.

We stock an extensive range of analogue & digital Tachograph systems, parts, accessories and consumables together with the latest download tools and equipment.

We are also authorised to repair/retrofit road speed limiter systems to any make/model of vehicle including integrated control module controlled systems.

Here are details of services we provide:

  • Multi Franchise Capability
  • Analogue & Digital System Approved
  • System Retrofitting
  • System Repair work
  • System Re – Seal
  • 2yr Inspection
  • 6yr Calibration
  • Digital Periodic Check