Total professionalism the key component

We offer a standard service schedule to operators and suppliers giving the opportunity to test key vehicle fundamentals ensuring vehicles are quality controlled and meet compliance guidelines in the operator license manual. Our equipment is DVSA approved and calibrated regularly providing accurate data giving our customers complete peace of mind.

Standard Services Schedule



  • Brake Test,
  • Headlight Alignment,
  • Smoke Test,
  • RSL Check,
  • 2 Axle Vehicles
  • 3 Axle Vehicles
  • 4 Axle Vehicles

Brake Testing VL Test Systems (as operated by DVSA)

Provide detailed test report –

  • Service, Secondary, Parking
  • Pass Value – Test Value
  • Measured Vehicle Weight
  • Bind, Time Log, Quality, Imbalance, Max Force

Test Trailer Hire/Weight Hire

  • Ensuring vehicle tested at design GVW

Lumniscope Headlight Alignment Check

  • Adjustment and bulbs charged additionally

Smoke Emission Testing

  • Detailed data printout provided

Road Speed Limiter Testing

  • Excluding ECU (electronic control unit parameterised systems)